Date: Wed, 01 Jan 1997
Subject: Games Treasury

Dear Editor,

I've just browsed The Game Cabinet and enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for the complimentary review of my book, The Games Treasury.

I am about to embark on a revised edition of the book. One has to set limits when dealing with paper, so there are some obvious classes of games I had to leave out of the first edition, particularly the mancala class of games. I have a few ideas of where the holes are and how I'd like to fill them, but I would be interested in suggestions from you and/or your readers/browsers. What would you like to see added to Games Treasury II?

Best regards,

Merilyn Simonds Mohr

The Games Treasury is my favorite of all of the game compendium books. I'm delighted to hear that there will be a second edition with even more games.

Can anyone wandering around the Cabinet think of a game that Ms. Mohr should consider adding to the second edition? (I know you folks down in the sock drawer have been playing some unusual games but this is a family-oriented book, you see, and we'll have none of that.)


The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell