Date: 97-10-01 06:39:15 EDT
Subj: Hanafuda: The Flower Card Game
From: Yoshihisa Miura (


I play Hanafuda well. Hanafuda is Japanese traditional 'cards'. A deck of Hanafuda consists of 48 cards which express a year. One month = 4 cards. A year = 12 months. So, 48 cards.

Hanafuda is made by NINTENDO as you know TV-computer game company. So, Nichibo Shuppan-Sha is a publisher.

NINTENDO started business by making Hanafuda in the beginning. If you want to buy in Hanafuda cards, you call NINTENDO-USA.

In JAPAN, the price of Hanafuda is 500-2500 yen($5-20).

The book of Hanafuda, an English rule book published by Nichibo Shuppan-Sha, is out of print. Of course, I don't have it.

Hanafuda can play many games as well just as European cards can be used to play poker, bridge, blackjack and so on.

Hanafuda is gambling game. If you ask "Do you play Hanafuda?" in Japan, I think over half of the people would answer "I know that, But I don't play. Because Hanafuda is low taste."

The major Hanafuda games are:

The book of Hanafuda I mentioned above describes the rules to 88.


Yoshihisa Miura

Okay, so who's going to run down the number for Nintendo-USA and see if they sell Hanafuda cards? Any leads on the out of print book?


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