Date: Sat, 01 Feb 1997 23:00:27 -0800
From: "Mark E. Johnson" (
Subject: A comment about mail order shops

I've placed orders with Fine Games and had pretty good service. Got good prices on Settlers and Streetcar, and just a buck more for an incomplete microgame I wanted to toy with. He forgot the micro in the original order, but quickly fixed it.

Next I tried Airmchair Commander. Not good. My wife and her grandmother both called them up to make orders for my Christmas presents. This was before Thanksgiving, and yet Air Baron didn't arrive until after Christmas, and Rise of the Luftwaffe was taking even longer. I cancelled the order and went with Boulder Games, who got it to me within a week. Turns out Airmchair Commander had neither of the games in stock when they accepted the orders, then had trouble getting more stock. Grr....

On to Boulder Games, which was recommended. Their service was prompt, and their price was equivalent to AC's. I'll go with either them or Fine Games in the future.

Mark Johnson,
Microgame HQ and Tri-Valley Boardgamers

Your mileage will doubtless vary.

The real tip to take away from Mark's experience is to always ask if the game is currently in stock. If it is not, then you will need to be prepared to be patient or shop around to find someone with your item in stock.


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