Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 12:30:06 -0800
From: Derek Hohls (
Subject: Game orders by mail


Just to follow up on what Mark has reported. I have dealt with Mike Dean (of Fine Games) twice now and he has given excellent service both times. The one occasion he had to 'hit' a moving target - my parents were in the States and travelling around: but the games still got to their hotel in one piece! He also replies promptly to email - a lesson that many on-line services could learn from...

Regards & keep going with the Cabinet!


As I said before, I suspect your mileage will vary no matter who you mail order from. I'm not currently aware of any shadey characters in the shop listings on the Cabinet. If anyone does have serious problems be sure to let me know. In the absence of such complaints I think its safe to assume that all these folks are out to run a good business and will bring you the best service they can muster.


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