Date: Tue, 4 Jun 1996 13:15:03 +0000
From: "Phil O'Neill" (
Subject: Link

Dear Ken

I've got my page on the 'net, from Sunday 9th June '96.

Could you provide a link saying something like:

Ransom, Sensored & Toilet Humour
Phil O'Neill Games on Cyberisland
Lone, Mad Inventor on Island in England
Mad Cowes, and other places on the Isle of Wight, England

The page will be at:

Phil O'Neill Games

1 Birmingham Road
Isle of Wight
PO31 7BH

Tel +44 (0) 1983 280666
Fax +44 (0) 1983 280777

Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 10:11:10 -0500
From: (philip orbanes)
Subject: Link?

Hi Ken,

You said that you provide free links to non-commerical sites, and ad-links to commerical sites. I guess that means you consider the Winning Moves site to be a commercial site since Winning Moves is a commercial company. Makes sense.

However, as far as the WWW is concerned, we plan to be about as non-commercial as possible:

1. WMI will never charge for services.
2. The WMI site does and will continue to offer links to any game-related site of worthy caliber.
3. The WMI site will offer archive info about games (WMI games and others) and game-developement in general. (I'm working on a how-a-game-is-made sub-site that will illustrate, interactively, the steps it takes to make a game.)
4. The WMI site will offer access to photos, sounds and text from associated proffesionals for non-commerical use. The first two sub-sites will be:
4a. The Alex Randolph gameography: texts, photos, illustrations and variant rules from Alex's many games (99% of which are non-Winning Moves productions).
4b. The Tracey Wheeler photo-gallery. Tracey has done most of the Winning Moves photography. Her non-WMI photo-artwork will be sampled and provided in a virtual-gallery.
5. The WMI site offers free-intereactive activites:
5a. The first is JUDGE 'n' JURY online.
5b. The second will be an on-line, multi-player version of RAJ.

Finally, as you astutely observed, getting a start-up company on its feet and running is a very difficult process. Any help from the gaming community (real and virtual) is of immense help.

I can understand your position as regards links to commercial sites. However, even a brief mention of Winning Moves and a non-linked URL ( would be of immense help to us: more than half of the Emails I get through our web site make mention of The Game Cabinet. I asked my webmaster to add a link to your site yesterday. It should be in effect before the end of this week!

Thanks for taking the time to write back, Ken.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards, Philip Orbanes Manager of Product Development Winning Moves, Inc.

Sorry, Phils, can't do it.

What meager income the Game Cabinet gathers comes from advertising. I have a policy of being paid for links to commercial sites but will gladly link to non-commercial sites that I feel would be of interest to the Game Cabinet's readers. In a perfect world the Game Cabinet would cost nothing to produce or I would have such a stellar income level that the ad income would be unimportant.

As things stand, the expenses are small and the income even smaller.

Why things are so bad round here that all we've got for snacks is a little pinch of tongue between our cheek and gum...


The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell