That Strange New Game from Mendocino

A letter from the trenches; 1/2/95

In December, Ken Tidwell of the Game Cabinet was kind enough to review my recent release Pirateer, the game of outrageous fortune.

I invented Pirateer originally as "Privateer" in 1978. Working out of my garage, I produced and sold about 8,000 copies over the next seven years, many of them finding homes with enthusiastic supporters. When I entered the arena of game production again this past July, I was delighted.

Within six months of the release date, Pirateer had found anchorages in over 500 retail stores and rated reviews in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Chicago Tribune and a host of other fine publications. The Wisconsin State Journal even named it "Game of the Year".

While I can't disclose overall sales figures, I can tell you that our test group of sixteen Pacific region stores sold over 1,360 copies during this period. One store sold over 200 copies. Not bad for an independent game company.

Enough bragging. My real purpose here is to convey a message of hope to all you game inventors out there:

It's a lot of work, but you can do it!!!

Thank you Ken & all of my wonderful supporters.

Scott Peterson, tireless Pirateer inventor
Mendocino Game Company, Inc.
exclusive manufacturers of Pirateer, the game of outrageous fortune (tm)

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