Rummoli and Wampoo

Dany Gagnon and the staff of Le Valet d'Coeur sent in a huge reply to the January Stump the Net:

Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 22:08:30 -0500
From: Dany Gagnon (
Organization: Le Valet d'Coeur
Subject: Stump the Net - January 1997

Date: Sat, 07 Dec 1996 18:20:05 -0800
From: leon van amelsvoort (

I remember playing a board game with cards called Rummoli.
I hope i spelled it correctly.
I rember the board but cannot recall the rules.
I am trying to locate a copy of the rules.
Can you help me?

D. VanAmelsvoort
Manitoba, Canada

Rummoli, yes it is spelled correctly, is a game edited by Canada Games. It should still be available through toys' stores. I can not send the rules as they are copyrighted. But if you have any trouble locating Rummoli, feel free to contact me.

Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 10:51:26 -0800
From: David Hendsbee (
Subject: games search spelled out wampoo, cannot find where wampoo is located

We are not sure of the name of the game. It is played with marbles and cards on a big round playing board with holes sort of like chinese checkers. 4 players. Please send us any info about a game like this if you have it. History etc. May be known under different names. Wampoo, Wahoo. Thank you!

Your game wampoo sounds very much like a game we call "Tock" in Quebec.

It is played on a "like Pachisi or Ludo" board with holes for marbles and a deck of 52 cards for controlling the movement. The aim of the game is to go around the board and reach the "safe zone" by using the cards strategically to advance.

If you think this is the game you are looking for, I can send more information.

I hope this will provide some answers. The whole staff had fun guessing.

Dany Gagnon at

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