Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 20:39:36 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Thanks!!

Thank you for the Bocce ball information.

Not sure if your interested or not but my brother, Toby Allen, invented and marketed a game called Serial Killers. It was pretty demented but it was inspired by a class project at the Chicago Art Institute and his own strange fascination with the psychology of serial killers and those they manipulate. The magazine TRIBE has a feature article on him in the March-April issue where the game was lightly discussed. His attempts to market it were dashed several times as the Canadian Government went so far as to have it banned.

The game itself, from my recollection (no, I never bought a copy), entailed a board game in which you dashed around squares going across the United States. Certain squares allowed you to gather cards (i.e.Community Chest, Chance) which told you of a potential upcoming opportunity to make a kill. Each kill was recorded by gaining a token which in this game was a small "plastic baby".

The cards were quite humerous and a real spoof on the system: "You've been caught with blood on your hands and clothes but they can't find the body - You get off on a technicality!", "You're hitchhiking down the 66 and haven't seen a car in hours when a van pulls up with a pretty little 17 year old offering you a ride. Things are looking up!" - and this was years before O.J.!!! Anyway all the pieces went into a elongated plastic bag with a zipper over the top. Yes, you guessed it: a body bag.

Attempts to market were left to pounding pavement. There was a full window display of it at a game shop in S.F. but thats that. Thought you might want the info...


Ah. And we thought Lunch Money was on the edge...


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