Stump the Net - July, 1997

Once again, its time to play Stump the Net!

If you can answer any of the questions below you may have just won the undying gratitude of the person who posed the question and the admiration of your peers!

Thanks to Dave Kuznick, Matt Ryan, Daniel U. Thibault, and anyone whose name I've missed for their responses to May's queries.

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This month folks are looking for information on the following games:

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Date: Sat, 31 May 1997 20:40:09 -0400 (EDT)
To: Subject: Checkers

Hello, I am typing from Little Rock Arkansas.

I play Checkers where when the piece reaches the 8th row it becomes bidirectional, however, I have also seen it played where when a piece reaches the 8th row it acts like a queen does in chess.

Do you know how these two differences came about?

Date: Mon, 09 Jun 1997 11:37:44 -0500
From: Fran Madera (
Subject: chickenfoot

I need the rules to chickenfoot using a set of double 9 dominoes. Can you help?


Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 15:15:44 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Wondering if you could help...

I recently came upon a set of "cards" for a Korean game loosely translated as "Stop or Go". The cards are approximately 1" wide by 1-1/2" tall, and have 4 cards in each of 12 suits. The cards are richly decorated with various pictures of flowers, birds, and animals which designate the different suits.

A Korean friend has been trying to teach me how to play the game, but I'd love to find some official rules to this game. Are you aware of any publications which might describe this game???? Please e-mail me back with whatever information or suggestions you might have.

Thanks so much!


Date: Mon, 23 Jun 1997 17:42:39 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Blitz

I have a game called Blitz. It has a copyright date of 1984 and it was made by Mabuhay Educational Center of Metro, Manila. Can anyone send me a copy of the rules?

May the dice roll in your favor,
Alfonzo Smith

[ken: Stump isn't really the right place to go searching for copies of rules to old games with rules that have gone missing but I'll let Alfonzo get away with it this once...

In general, I recommend asking on]

Date: Sat, 05 Jul 1997 09:14:17 -0500
From: Janet Hickok (
Subject: Game of Wykersham


I am trying to find any information regarding a game called Wykersham. It was put out by a company called Alsip Company in Bainbridge Island, Washington. The game is a beautiful wood board that has strips about 2 inches wide that slide back and forth. There are red and black marbles that can be moved into pockets (indentations in the wood slides).

The story I heard is that this is a game two gentlemen were playing on a boat in a storm and they ended up going down with the boat because they were so engrossed in the game.

Unfortunately, there were no directions in the box with the game and it appears that the company no longer exists. Have you heard of this game? Any information you could give would be greatly appreciated!

Janet Hickok

Date: Sat, 5 Jul 1997 07:52:43 -0400
From: Matt Cecile (
Subject: A question

Just visted your Web site. It seems to be the complete I've come across so I'll ask my question: Have you heard of a game (British?) called "Waddies" (sp?). There are 2 box-like boards with a back board and a hole in each placed about 15 feet apart. Players try to toss pucks into the hole and points are awarded similar to horse shoes.

Any help you can lend would be greatly appreciated!

Matt Cecile
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Date: Sun, 6 Jul 1997 22:08:50 -0700
From: Robert Wusyk (
Subject: rules to a card game

I'm looking for the rules to a card game we used to play about 15 years ago that was called 'Nerd.' It could also be spelled 'Nurd.' It could also have a different name.

We played it with partners - 4 or more people. It was a 'Speed' type of solitaire game. Aces went up in the center and you built on them - same suite - anyone could play on them. I think we used more than 1 deck of cards, and each person had a hand of cards to get rid of.

It used to become wild. You won when you and your partner got rid of all of your cards. Cards left in the opponents hands were counted against them. Any help in find the rules to this game is greatly appreaciated. thanks in advance.


Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 19:29:33 -0700
From: Jon Woods (
Subject: Spies A-Poppin'

I realize this is a little outside your usual inquiries...

In the early/mid '60s (about the beginning of the James Bond era) I recall seeing a mechanized dart-gun game called Spies A-Poppin'. If I remember correctly, the object of the game was to hit a villain menacing a damsel-in-distress. Does anyone else remember this game? Did it really exist?

Any information would be appreciated.

-Jon Woods

Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 23:20:17 -0500
From: dtmjr (
Subject: dominoes

hi, I'm trying to find out information on a dominoes game known as moon. I would greatly appreciate any information you have on the game.

Thanks, Michelle

Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 10:19:54 -0400
From: Amanda Allen (
Subject: I'm looking for a certain game...

Hi! I'm hoping maybe you or someone on your staff (do you have a staff?) might be able to help me. My boyfriend was reading a book on Japenese strategy games once and came across a board game that we play and like very much. However, we have no idea what the name is...

The board is a 9x9 grid. Both players have 18 pieces - one in each square of the two 'bottom' rows nearest a player (like Checkers). All pieces move like rooks in Chess. When you capture any number of your opponent's pieces in between yours, you take them off the board (like Othello - except they get removed). There are 2 ways to win. One is to remove all of your opponent's pieces and the other is to get 5 of your pieces in a straight line (outside of the original 2 row starting area).

Do you have any idea what the name of this game is and perhaps anything about the history?


[ken: The "staff" is on it...]

Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 23:06:54 -0400
From: mike marks (
Subject: scully

back in the 60's we played a game called scully using bottle caps. i was wondering if anybody knows the real rules , how to make the board and if there are regulation size boards ? or if you ever herd about it . if so i would appreciate feed back

mike marks

Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 12:42:45 +0100
From: John A. Taylor (
Subject: A game called Merrills or Muller?

Hi there!

I recently played a strategy "peg" board game with a friend of a friend who insisted on naming the game "Merrills". My other friend said he had heard it called "Muller". I would like to find out if there is a computer version of the game as well as any information regarding the proper name and rules.

It's basically a game of strategy that has three phases. First, pegs are placed on the board one by one in an attempt to create three in a row. When someone gets three in a row they are allowed to remove one of the opponents pieces. Next, when all the pegs are on the board, minus the removed pegs, each piece can be moved one space at a time, again in an attempt to create three in a row to remove one of the opponents pieces. Finally, as soon as one person gets down to having only three of their pieces on the board they may discontinue moving one space at a time and move wherever they would like. The object is to get your opponent down to less than three pieces while you still have three pieces on the board.

If you recognize these rules at all, I would appreciate any information regarding the actual name and/or if there is a computer version of the same game.

Thank you for your help,

John Taylor

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