From: Kent Pilkington/far (Kent_Pilkington/
Date: 5 Jan 96 15:53:43 EST
Subject: The Three Trolls

I was just reading your list of mail order game shops and was a little surprised to see the Three Trolls. In any case, it is an excellent shop. I have been living in Chelmsford for about 4 months and I am glad that I found them early on. They are extremely knowledgeable and friendly (they teach my wife and I a new game every time we come in), and honest to boot. It is primarily a family business (mother, father, son - the three trolls) and some close friends. Their prices are set to cover their costs of operation and living (father troll said so once when we were discussing Magic card prices), and the likelyhood of being mistreated are virtually nil. Just wanted to put in a good word for some people who have made my stay in Mass. a little better (I live in Texas).

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