Mike Siggins has been lobbying hard to have the best of the new Essen games translated to English PRIOR to their release at Essen. He received this response in regard to Reiner Knizia's upcoming and much anticipated game, Tigris & Euphrates.


Date: 97-05-20 19:08:03 EDT
From: Kevin Jacklin (jacklink@cix.compulink.co.uk)
Subject: Tigris & Euphrates


Further to my note of last week, we have taken things one step further. The plan now is to have T&E published with both German and English rules actually contained in the game. Probably in separate booklets. Reiner and I will work on the English set once the German one has been finalised and sent over to us.

I think this is excellent news that Hans im Glück are prepared to do this.

I'll keep you posted if it turns out different.

Kevin J

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