Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 12:46:21 +0100
Subject: Und Tchuss

I noticed some comments on the Game Cabinet about Und Tschuss and a request for

further enlightenment.... which I can provide, for a wonder. I'm part of a group which playtests for Martin and he gave us each a copy of Und Tschuss to celebrate his success in placing it with a major company. This put me in the unusual position of playing (probably) the first game of it in this country - more normally I'm about 2 years behind everyone else! It also means I don't have a translation of the German rules but do have Martin's own notes, which I hope are the same.

Your notes in the Nuremberg report don't quite have it right - in essence the idea is to avoid being the second placed player. Briefly there is a pack of cards valued 1 to 15, also with some -5 and -10 cards. Each player has a hand of these and play for Prize cards (from the same deck). On each round there is 1 fewer prize than players and they are laid in numerical order. Each player simultaneously plays a card (like in 6 Nimmt) and the lowest card played gets the first prize card. That person then drops out for the remainder of the round

and the remainder go through the same process to compete for the next card; however the second card played is added to the first. Again, the lowest total takes the prize. This carries on until only 2 players and 1 prize is left; at this point the highest total wins the prize (and of course it is the most valuable of the cards on offer for that round). All hands are replenished and new prizes are then displayed. And so on. There are a couple of other wrinkles,

but that's basically it. There are quite a lot of tactics involved and doubly so when a negative card happens to be one of the prizes! I've found it to be quite a neat little filler game, not overwhelmingly exciting but it plays fast and doesn't take overly long.

I hope a) this makes sense and b) you haven't already been sent something more intelligible!

Eddy Richards

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