Date: Thu, 06 Feb 1997 21:51:16 -0600
From: Sally and Nicholas Brookins (
Subject: Wooden games

I am looking for some games that I played when I was younger at a park with a recreation center. There were two games that I can recollect.

One was a large board with dimensions about 4 feet by 3 feet with a half inch border around the entire board. There was a stick you hit your circular wooden puck (the same as a carom game contians) with to cause it to go along the board and land in certain areas that resembled a golf course. There was a raised mountain (about 1/2 inch) that had a hole in the center that the puck could slide into, and certain colored areas on the board you had to land in to go to the next hole. There were several water hazards also (these were just colored in on the board).

The second game had the same board, except it was similar to a maze, and you had to hit your carom like puck to the center of the board to win. There were certain colored areas to avoid, if you didn't they would send you to a certain area on the board.

How do I find one of these games??

Nicholas Brookins

Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 12:54:31 -0500
From: Matt Ryan (
Subject: Wooden games

These people may be able to help you out:

Good luck!

Best Wishes,

~Matt K. Ryan,
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