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Essen 98 Buyer's Guide

Article by Ken Tidwell

These are my calls on the best of Essen. Of course, the best things are the little games that you find tucked away in a corner somewhere. Good luck on finding all of those and be sure to let me know how these games play!

Collector's Games

keydom Richard Breese R & D Games
Rigatoni Intriganti Oliver Igelhaut Glüsritter Spiel
Nanuuk! Günter Cornett Bambus Spieleverlag
Visjes Corné van Moorsel ?? (stand 939 in hall 9)

Gamer's and Family Games

Samurai Reiner Knizia Hans im Glück
Ra (not till Nuremberg?! Ouch!) Reiner Knizia Alea
Cheops/Alexander's Battles ?? Kosmos
La Isla Bohnita (Bohnanza Expansion) Uwe Rosenberg Amigo
Ursuppe Expansion Frank Nestel & Doris Matthäus Doris & Frank
König & Intrigant: Player's Edition various Hans im Glück
Lords of Creation Martin Wallace Warfrog
Kahuna Günter Cornett Kosmos

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