Still More Pre-Essen Rumors

Article by Ken Tidwell

The rumors are flying fast and furious as Essen draws nearer. First, the bad news: two more very well respected European game companies reportedly find themselves in financial difficulty.

ASS, the German publisher of such games as Ausgebremst, Die Vikinger Kommen!, and Route 66: The Card Game, are reported to be on the verge of bankruptcy. They are currently in negotiations with several other companies to either find additional funding or merge their operations into an organization with firmer financial footing. Perhaps this is just another sign that the consolodation in the German game world that began with Ravensburger's purchase of FX Schmid will continue.

Ludodélire of France, makers of Formule Dé, Terrain Vague, and Vallee des Mamouths, is reported to be suffering from similar problems. Reports indicate that unless new financing is found their stock of titles will be liquidated. I wonder what this will do to Mayfair's plans to publish an American edition of Formule Dé?

Speaking of Mayfair, on to some good news: Peter Gehrmann, a principal in White Wind, has issued a press release in Germany announcing that White Wind will be moving away from its strict limited edition policy for some of the company's most popular games. Peter announced that Mayfair will be publishing a new edition of Freight Train and that there were plans to produce a new, unlimited edition of Elfenroads. Peter made no mention of the plans for the mysterious Elfenwars.

The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell