The Grand Prix of Japan

Suzuka, the Grand Prix of Japan and track number 11 from Ludodelire, is now available.

Design of the Board

The track is short, a figure eight that is slightly squashed, so there is room for a large, colorful drawing. There is a huge flying robot in the style of Goldorak, the famous Japanese cartoon. Looking more closely, you will discover the true nature of this Giant. A hint: there is a man wearing a helmet in the leg and guess what is in his hands?

On the robot's head, between the two wings of its helmet, there is a SUMO who looks a little surprised. A lady dressed like a geisha calls for help from the clutches of the left steel glove. Will Sumo come to the rescue?

A metal bird flies near the robot.

On the opposite side of the track, a traditional Japanese warrior in full plate armor, brandishes a sabre: a samurai with a katana. His mount is not a horse but a giant flying bee.

Certainly he has come to rescue the poor damsel in distress!

There are two more small, humorous drawings. A giant wheel paves the way across the forest. And a race car is having a bath near the stands. To ensure a clean start?

A beautiful track, and well balanced.

Technical Description

Warning : L means the longest way to take a turn, S means the shortest way in number of squares

The track is short. Immediately after the start there is a 1 turn (L :11, S : 6 ). Three squares after this first turn there is a long, snaking 3 turn (L:20 , S:13), 16-18 squares after a 1 turn (L:7, S:3), 7 squares after a hairpin turn (L:6, S:1), 17-19 squares after a 2 turn (L:12, S:6), then a long, 35 square straight with no turns and the last 2 turn is very short (L:10, S:6). The finish line is 14-15 squares after this.

Weather Conditions

Rain : 1 - 5
Variable : 6 - 13
Fine : 14 - 20

Impression after Testing

We tested on Saturday afternoon, just after buying the track. You know how hard it is to resist a new track.

The start is slow with the first turn immediately followed by this damned, long, snaking turn. After that, you have time to reach 5th gear before the next turn, then the hairpin. Caution if there are many cars, the space is limited.

A long 4th-5th gear straight, the 2 turn, and then a treacherous long straightaway followed by a short 2 turn. By the way, the temptation is great to use 6th gear but it is risky. So you are warned: will you be wise and take the 5th gear or bold and try 6th gear? It's up to you.

A quick track that is devastating for the brakes and consumption of body points. A little luck is required.

Good road, enjoy!

Catherine Soubeyrand
Caen, 10/08/1995.

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