Grand Prix of South Africa

Article by Catherine Soubeyrand.

The latest track from Ludodelire, number 12 in this impressive series, is the Grand Prix of South Africa, also called the Circuit from Kyalami.

Design of the Board

As usual, the track is beautiful with a dominant warm, brown colour. Many birds, mainly flamingoes, fly here and there on the board. A herd of running zebras kicks up a little dust. Two running (jumping?) men are being followed by an impressive lion with all its claws out. There is a driver and a man from the local Ludodelire rugby team who are following a strange path. The driver has certainly made a recent visit to the Caltex Mine.

Technical Description

Key: L means the longest way to take a turn, S means the shortest way in number of squares.

The track reminds me think of the one from Monaco. The first short one turn, the Total curve (L :6, C:3), is five squares after the start. The next two turns, named Nashua (L:11, C:6), are six squares later. These are followed by the 14 square "Old Fit Straight" then the "Goodyear sweep," a long one turn (L:11, C:6). The short one turn, "Goodyear corner" (L:6, C:1), comes six squares later and six squares later we encounter another short one turn, "Rothmann Esses" (L:5, C:2). This is followed by a long 16 squares line, "the Hill," with the rough, short two turn "Wesbank" (L:11, C:6) at its end. Some sand has been placed for the cars arriving too quickly. The long 21 square line formed by the Caltex Mine Shaft and the Havoline Sweep are followed by a deadly one turn, "AA Superbowl" (L:5, S:1). Then the 14 square long "AA Kink" brings the cars to the last one turn corner (L:6, C:2) and ending with the final "Gestetner straight."

The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell