The German Game Hits of 1996

An independent market research institute, Eurotoys, surveyed 1000 assorted game outlets in Germany to determine the "game hits of 1996," the ten games with the strongest turnovers in Germany (as reported on KMW's Spielplatz):

  1. Taboo (MB) (in first place since 1994)
  2. Die Siedler von Catan / Settlers of Catan (Kosmos)
  3. El Grande (Hans im Glück)
  4. Jenga (MB)
  5. Monopoly Standard (Parker)
  6. Pro Action Football (Parker)
  7. Trivial Pursuit Genus (Parker)
  8. Das ver-rückte Labyrinth / The Magic Labyrinth (Ravensburger)
  9. Uno (Mattel)
  10. Scrabble (Jumbo)

[Ken: I'm surprised to see so many standard American games on the list! But I'm also pleased to see Settlers way up there near the top with El Grande hot on its heels!]

The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell