Mayfair to Change Hands

Mayfair Games, train game champion, die hard supporter of the American board gaming industry, long term friend to the hobby, is to change hands. Apparently, the long term owner, Darwin Bromley, has, for personal reasons, chosen to pursue other interests. As has been noted before, the company is in as healthy a state as it has been for some time. The Settlers of Catan and the other European imports recently released have sold very well and its train gaming lines continue their long running success. Interest in acquiring the company's assets and continuing parts of its line is high. As one would expect with a healthy company, the discussions are centering on price.

While the lines will be changing hands at some point in the future when pricing discussions are settled and the new owners decided, many of the staff have chosen to move to Wargames West where they will be starting up a new games production division. The staff at the Cabinet wishes them well and eagerly await their first release.

To Darwin Bromley we can only say thank you for devoting so much of your time, energy, and personal fortune to an enterprise that brought so much joy to so many people. Best of luck in whatever life holds in store for you.

And to the new owners, whosoever they may be: when can we expect that English edition of the Settlers card game?


The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell