Mayfair Rumors

Rumor has it that Mayfair has a number of interesting plans for the coming year.

Their first priority will be getting The Settlers of Catan back into print. The new edition will feature improved graphics and will bring the rules back into line with the original German edition.

Longer term plans for the Settlers series of games seem shakier. Mayfair will almost certainly release an English edition of the basic Settlers Card Game. Plans for English editions of the follow on expansions for the card game will be dependant, naturally, on sales of the basic set.

Mayfair plans to combine the 5/6 player expansion and the Seafaring expansion into a single set. Kosmos, the German publisher of Settlers, has done the same thing in Germany.

While we wait for the English editions, Mayfair is importing the full line of Settlers games in their German editions - the 5/6 player expansion, Seafaring, the card game, and the tournament expansion for the card game.

On the train game front we should see a new edition of Silverton and India Rails will finally make it out the door.

Apparently the company, amidst all the chaos, has allowed their license for Cosmic Encounter to lapse. They will continue to sell off remaining stock of expansions but the starter editions have all sold out. No word on whether or not they will be negotiating to re-acquire the license for this old favorite.

The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell