News From France

By Catherine Soubeyrand.
May 4, 1995

The Grand Prix of Brazil (Grande Premio de Brasil) is now available! It is (as usual) published by Ludodelire and is the tenth Forumule De track released by the company.

Meteorological Conditions : Rain : 1 - 3 , Variable : 4 - 8 , Sun : 9 - 10.

Fewer funny elements than usual except for one race car which, having left the track, crossed a lake and encountered a procession of dancers coming from the Carnival at Rio. The car then crossed the track, entered a tent and leapt into the sky, with four people on board, a seagull, and another passenger hidden away (maybe a stowaway?)!

The design is as follow (L = long, C = short):

The track is composed of three straightaways and a short portion with 5 bends. You are often forced to shift down from sixth to second or third, so engine and brakes are quickly used up. This new track is both dynamic and speedy. Enjoy without moderation!

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