New Games at the Nuremberg Toy Fair

From Whence These Came

The following news from the Nuremberg Toy Fair was forwarded to me by Merfyn Lewis, a friendly games collector on Isle of Anglesey, but I'm not sure who wrote it. It may have been Merfyn but I have the impression that it was a copy of a missive that he had received from one of the many English spielfreaks.

Merfyn went on to say that Linie 1 was a great little end of session game and that he liked High Society. If there is anyone else out there that has played these games I would like to hear from you.

Best of Show

Sternenhimmel (by Tom Schoeps, for 3-5 players)
A fascinating game about scoring most points by putting star tokens on zodiac game boards. But sometimes it's better to become second than to be the first. Lots of bluffing with beautiful game components.

Die Siedler von Catan
Here is one more very hot tip. Watch out for another new game by Klaus Teuber. Die Siedler von Catan is an ever changing game with hexagonal cardboard tiles about settling and spreading out on an newly discovered island. Lots of new ideas in it, no fights, much trading between players. Believe me. it definetly is this year's best game.

Further Recommendations

High Society (by Reiner Knizia, Ravensburger, 3 - 5 players )
A cleverly designed card game about bidding for different point cards to scoring most points at the end.

Die Maulwurf Company (Ravensburger, 2-4 players)
A family game which was already on the market as Inner Circle (MB) and Topstar (Spear's). Move your moles through certain levels to the center of the card board staple.

Medici (by Reiner Knizia. Amigo. 3-5 players)
A very good auction game, very similar to his Mercator in Neue Spiele im alten Rom.

See You Later (by Heinz Meister, F.X. Schmid, 2-6 players)
A game of all-or-nothing. Each turn you decide whether to draw one more card or stop your turn voluntarily. Good family game.

Set (F.X. Schmid, 2-8 players)
A card game of concentration and quick reaction. 12 cards are layed out on the table. Everybody tries to find a set of three matching card at the same time. [Ken: This is a German edition of the American game.]

Auf Achse Card Game (by Wolfgang Kramer, 2-5 players)
Loosely based on the best selling board game. I'm sorry I can't tell you more about it.

Bakschisch (by Kara Ben Hering, for 2-4 players)
A beer & pretzel game of bluff and double-dealing. In each round players secretly put some coins or their thief token in their hands, trying to outscore the others to move forward, lf they put a thief token, they don't move but steal other's coins.

Galopp Royal (by Klaus Teuber, for 3 - 6 players )
A funny racing game with sedan-chairs. Within 6 races you try to win most money. But before the races can start you must bid for a team of four sedan-chair men. The crux is that you only know one man of the team but must bid for the whole lot.

Linie 1 (by Stefan Dorra, for 2-5 players)
A cardboard tile laying game where you build a track for street cars. Nobody knows which street cars the other players have and what task they must fulfill. After a player's track is finished he starts the street car race to be first at his target station.

The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell