Spiel des Jahres '96

El Grande takes top honors this year in a continuing trend toward gamer's games or the spielfreak fringe. It is a great game and I hope to see an American edition some time in the future! Congratulations, once again, to all involved in the design and production of El Grande!

If you have trouble getting hold of a copy of El Grande, don't fret. The original edition of El Grande ran to 6000 copies and has completely sold out. A new edition, with a 30% price reduction, is due out in late August when Hans-im-Glück assures us it will be in ready supply.

A tip of the hat to Franz Hrdlicka and Eamon Bloomfield for filling the holes in my knowledge about this year's crop.

Game of the Year

Special Prize for Most Beautiful Game

Special Prize for Children's Game

Special Prize for Action Game

Other Nominated Games

Congratulations to all involved!

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