Daily Telegraph 1995 Game of the Year

Article by Ken Tidwell.

Phil O'Neill's Ransom garnered top honors in The Daily Telegraph's new Game of the Year awards. The awards were organized by Steve Jackson, co-founder of Games Workshop and weekend columnist for the aforementioned newspaper. Eight games journalists, inventors, and retailers each nominated three games that were widely available in England last year. Mr. Jackson then tabulated these results to arrive at the Top 10 games for 1995. Reiner Knizia and Richard Garfield tied with two games each in the Top 10.

The Games

  1. Ransom (Phil O'Neill Games)
  2. Articulate (Drummond Park)
  3. Magic: The Gathering (Wizards of the Coast)
  4. Acquire (Avalon Hill)
  5. The Great Dalmuti (Wizards of the Coast)
  6. Formula Motor Racing (Gibsons Games)
  7. Turf Horse Racing (Gibsons Games)
  8. Wrott & Swindler (Ludis)
  9. Cathedral (Past Times)
  10. Once Upon a Time (Atlas Games)

The Comittee

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