Spel & Sant
Vasag. 8, Stockholm
08-791 81 91

Store review by Brian Bankler.

A small selection of European games, and a reasonable selection of US titles (for those in Europe). I wouldn't know how their US selection compares to other stores, but it is probably the best in Stockholm, maybe Sweden. I actually found Last Encounter: The Vesuvius Incident, by Fat Messiah Games, there (my purchase, actually). Some games were in Swedish, but I was wary because of the fact that I don't know ANYONE who plays games that speaks Swedish.

A good selection of games by Jumbo. Alga Games (something like that) appears to be the main company in Sweden. I was tempted by a few games, but the box size (I had a suit-bag as my only luggage) and fact that I had never heard of the few games that I was tempted with (Highlander, which looks like a 'conquest' like game, was the one I kept staring at), meant that I didn't buy many.

Almost no German games can be found in Sweden (defining German games as German games found in The Game Cabinet) except those by Jumbo and Ravensburger. [Ken: Jumbo is a Dutch company, Brian, but I suppose your previous definition does hold true.]

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