Toilet Humour!

Designed by Phil O'Neill.
Published by Phil O'Neill Games.
Review by Ken Tidwell.

Phil O'Neill, fresh from his Daily Telegraph Game of the Year award for Ransom, was given some (hopefully free) marketing advice. He was told that folks like a good laugh when they play games and that, perhaps, he could widen the appeal of his product if he went for something a little less high brow than real estate development.

I believe we can safely say that Phil has overcorrected with this one. Toilet Humour! is, basicly, a rummy variant played with cards depicting excreta (crap, shit, droppings, turds, what have you) of various shapes and sizes. Melds are formed by completing a (see the above list). Your completed melds can be swept away at any time by the play of a Flush! card. And players must always keep an eye out for Fart cards which, if they are held in, can cause pain when scoring.


Rounds end when any player discards their last card. Displayed (once again, consult the list above) are scored. The winner is the first player to log (excuse me) 50 kg.

In truth, the game is as good as any other rummy card game and is very silly. It would make a fine gag gift and is definitely good for a laugh as an evening closer.

Toilet Humour! is £6.99 from Phil O'Neill Games.

The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell