Designed by Roland Siegers
Published by Hexagames
Translation by ??

2-3 Players

Translator's Note: This is for the original 3 player Hexagames edition, as opposed to the translation in the Boy's Room which is for the later, 6 person reprint.

Give each player 2000 dollars.
Each player then chooses a color and a prairie area.

He places his Steers on the starting figures, likewise his Cowboys. [It will be noticed that three of the steers have a hole in the underside. These are suffering from Texas fever. Players should note which are so affected because they are not allowed to look at them later.]

The aim of the game is to try to earn as much money as possible by driving your steers plus any that you may have rustled from a neighbor to Abilene.


Each player can move 1 to 3 steer a total of three spaces. These three moves can be split as he wishes between his herd. A steer can change direction only once. After he has moved he rolls the two dice and two cowboys MUST move - one for each of the die.

All movement on the die roll must be used. Cowboys can change direction once but not 180 degrees.

Only one figure can occupy a space unless duelling or rustling. Figures may not jump.

ABILENE can be moved through but not stopped on by Cowboys.


If you move your cowboy onto another player's steer it is captured and must be brought into play in your own area on one of your starting spaces. If no space is vacant you cannot capture it. That animal is now moved as though it were your own. You may inspect its 'health' before you put it on the start space.


If two cowboys occupy the same space they fight. Each rolls a die, the highest being the winner. If the roll is equal they re-roll. If a cowboy is defeated in his own land he 'escapes' and is brought back into play as soon as a cowboy start space is vacant.

If he is defeated in another player's land he is killed and removed from play.

If a player has less than two cowboys in play he can bring an extra at a cost of $2000 each but he may not exceed two in play.


A player may borrow from the bank or from another player. From another player, a loan is for a fixed term and for an agreed interest. Loans from the bank are repaid at the end of the game. For loans of up to 2000 he pays 500 dollars interest, <$4000. $1000 interest (for rest see the table in the rules).


When a player moves a steer into Abilene it is sold. He always declares it as 'healthy' (even if it is not) and the other players secretly write down whether or not they believe him. He receives payment as follows:

Believed 'healthy'Not believed 'healthy'
His own healthy steer$1000 from the bank $1000 from the bank
+ $500 from players
His own unhealthy steer$1000 from the bank
+ $500 from players
$1000 from the bank
- $500 to players
A healthy rustled steer$2000 from the bank $2000 from the bank
+ $1000 from players
An unhealthy rustled steer$2000 from the bank
+ $1000 from players
$2000 from the bank
- $1000 to players

[It will be seen from the above that there is a penalty for guessing incorrectly. Although the 'guessing' is secret players might care to drop hints about rustled steer in order to mislead.]



An alternative combat system seems desirable. Each play could be given a suit of cards. Attackers place down as many cards as they wish. Then the defender. Each card is worth its face value except pictures which are worth nothing (one of the picture cards should be removed from play as three are too many). The cards played are exchanged except the pictures which are retained. Only the players involved in the duel should see the cards.

The player with the highest total wins, of course.

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