An Acquire Variant by Sid Sackson

This rendition of the rules by Kevin Maroney.

[Ken: Kevin notes that the recent edition of Acquire released in Germany (by Schmidt?) and in the U.S. by Avalon Hill includes this variant and more. Interested parties should run (do not walk!) to their favorite game provider.]

This expansion set of Acquire was designed by Sid Sackson for the German market. Avalon Hill has expressed no interest in publishing it, so I am describing it here, where it might find an audience in the English-speaking world.

(One thing is unclear from this transcript: I think that cards can only be played on a player's own turn. Most of them make the most sense during the player's own turn, so I suspect this is the case.)

Acquire: The Special Powers Variation

At the start of the game, each player gets a set of the 5 cards described, each of which can be used only once per game. A player can play any card at any turn, but only one card can be played on a turn.

  1. You may buy up to 5 blocks of stock this turn.

  2. Take 5 tiles at the beginning of this turn, bringing you up to 11. Do not take another tile until down to 5 at the end of a turn.

  3. The 3 blocks of stock you take this turn are free.

  4. Trade 2 blocks of stock you own for one from the Stock Market. May do this up to three times. All blocks traded must be from active chains. (3 blocks may also be bought in usual manner.)

  5. Place up to 4 tiles this turn. If a tile causes a merger, it is acted upon before the next tile is played.

Rules rendition by Kevin J. Maroney, New York, New York, USA
March 5, 1994

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