Attacke (FX Schmid)

Game by Reiner Knizia.

Translation by Peter Wotruba (pete@chem.UCSD.EDU), October 25, 1994.

Who has the most powerful card?

The fanfare resounds, the great tournament is about to begin. A practical opportunity for all knights to show off their skills. Cunning, tactics, and a good blade will help to win today. In five different contests, there are other participants with higher cards to outdo, because you have to overcome them to accomplish your task - to win the tournament! On to the attack!

The object of the tournament is to win four of the five contests.



The Tournament



Shield Cards

Shield 7
This card can be inserted as a wild card in every challenge. One or more of these cards can be played as an alternative to the appropriately colored knight cards.
Shield 10
This follows the rule above, but with two exceptions.

From Victory to Victory

The End of the Tournament

The Concealed Tournament - A Varient

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