Auf Achse
(On the Road)

Game by ?.
Published by ?.
Copyright 1995, ?.
Translation by Emanuel Soeding (

Note: This is not an exact translation of the rules. I wrote many points much shorter to save time, but I hope it will give you an easy start into the game. If there are any problems, please feel free to ask.


The game is concipated for 2-6 players, ages 12-99. A simplified version is also playable by children of 8+ years (see rule changes at the end)

Duration: 1-2 hours
Goal: Have the most money at the end of the game.


Each player chooses a truck and places it in on a space on the mapboard, which isn t a city. It is not allowed, that two trucks share the same space at the beginning of the game. Trucks have to be placed, before contract cards are dealt.

Put the good pieces, the "Stau" and "road construction" marker onto the grey storage area on the mapboard.

One player is assigend to be the banker, who is responsible for the bank. He gives each player 5.000 DM in small banknotes.

Shuffle the contract cards and deal each player 3 cards. These are the players private contracts. Each player may inspect his cards and sort them in the order he wants to fulfill them. They keep their private contracts secret until loaded.

Public contracts are placed in a stack next to the gameboard according to the following table.

     Players     Public Contracts
        2               12
        3               16
        4               20
       5-6              24 

Remove the other contracts from the game (they may have to be drawn from, due to an event card, but will not play any further role during the game).

The event cards are shuffled and placed face down in the respective area of the gameboard showing a red and white triangle.

The Game

Each player rolls the die - highest number starts the game and rolls the die again. If the number rolled is a 1 to 5, these are his movement points for this turn. He may move his truck one space for each movement point he rolled. The other players follow in clockwise order. Each space may only be occupied by one truck. Following trucks have to miss one space, if they would reach a space, which is allready occupied. However, it is allowed to pass another players truck in either direction. A player has to move his whole number of movement points. The only exeption to this rule is, that he may forfeit movement points if he reaches a start or destination city of one of his contracts and if he reaches a "Stau" or "road construction" marker.

If a player rolls a "6" he may move 1 to 6 spaces. This should make it easier to reach a city directly, to aquire one of the public contracts.

Event Spaces

Spaces whith a red and white triangle symbol are event spaces. A player who ends his movement on an event space draws an event card immediately and performs the action described on the card. After he did this, he discards the card under the event deck.

Private Contracts

Each contract card shows a start and a destination city. When a player reaches a city, which is the start of one of his contracts (surplus movement points may be forfeited), he may reveal this card and load the number of goods (Waren) from the storage on the board onto his truck, as written on the contract card. The player may move in the direction of the destination in his next turn, or move to another start of one of his contracts to load more goods. Note that a truck without trailor can carry only six goods. You can t load a contract, if you haven t enough room on the truck for the whole load.

When you reach a destination of one of the contracts you loaded (again surplus movement points may be forfeited), you unload the goods to the storage on the board and receive the revenue as stated on the card (Frachterlos). You then discard the contract card. You may move again in your next turn.


You may buy any amount of trailors during your turn. The game contains 4 large trailors with a capacity of six goods, which cost 3.000 DM each and 4 small trailors, capacity four goods, 2.000 DM each. Once you bought a trailor, you lay it out on the table. You can load goods into the respective spaces on the trailor card. You keep a trailor until the end of the game. A trailor isn t worth anything at the end. When you reach a destination, trailors are allways unloaded first.

Public Contracts

Each player may aquire additional contracts, by bidding on the public contracts in an auction. The player making the highest bid, will get the auctioned contract. This takes place as follows:

When a player s truck, loaded or empty, reaches a city exactly by spending all of his movement points, he may declare his interest in one of the four revealed public contracts. He does not have to do this!

If a player declares interest in one of the contracts, the auction starts: All players may now place bids on the contract in any order, like in a real auction. To simplify bidding, the possible bids are labeled 1 to 5 on the contracts, with a table showing the costs (Kosten) and the resulting net revenues (Erlos). It is not allowed to bid amounts, which are not written on the card.

If nobody else except the player who declared interest wants the contract, this player gets the contract for free.

The player who declared interest has an advantage over the others: he will still get the contract, if he holds other players bids.

If a player gets a contract by announcing the highest bid, he immediately pays the bid price to the bank. He must pay the full price immediately, no money will be loaned. He adds the contract to his other unrevealed cards on his hand. He may fulfill this contract at any time during the game. If the player who bought a contract is allready on the start city, he may load the contract immediately, if he has sufficient capacities on his truck (Note that a player will still get the full revenue for delivering the contract. The revenue written in the bidding table is simply the result of: revenue minus bid).

After a public contract was sold, a new one is revealed and placed with the remaining ones.

The number of public contracts limits the length of a game. If the players prefer a longer game, they should choose more contracts than listed in the table in the setup section. If they prefer a shorter game, they can simply remove some of the contracts.


Usually loans are not allowed during the game. The only exception are event cards. If a player is unable to pay money, demanded by an event card, the card is placed in front of this player until he can pay twice the amount demanded.

Road Construction

If a player rolls a ≥1 , he moves his truck one space and may then move the ≥road construction marker. The marker blocks the road entirely and forces trucks to take deviations or to wait. It is not allowed to place the marker onto a city, occupied spaces or the spaces between Hamburg and Flensburg (in the north of the board (haha, where is north?)).


The Stau marker is only valid for one turn, and is brought into the game by event cards. It also blocks roads entirely.

End of the game

Two conditions have to meet to bring the game to an immediate end:

1. There are no public contracts available


2. One player delivered his last contract (his hand is empty).

It doesn t matter in which order this occurs!

The winner is the player who earned the most money. Contracts, which aren t delivered at the end of the game don t pay any revenue.

..... Some tactical bla bla .....

Simplified Version for children, 8+ years

There are four changes:

  1. No trailors!
  2. Don t auction of public contracts. If a player wants one, he may simply take it, when he reaches a city exactly by spending all of his movement points for this turn.
  3. Initial money is reduced to 2.000 DM.

Auf Achse cards

Trailor cards:

Example of a Transport contract card:

Transport order
(Frankfurt) -> (Flensburg)
2 goods, revenue 1600.-
        Offer   Cost    Revenue
        1       200 DM  1.400 DM
        2       400 DM  1.200 DM
        3       600 DM  1.000 DM
        4       800 DM  800 DM
        5      1.000 DM 600 DM

Event Cards


Earn the revenue for the contract with the highest distance immediately, due to sending by rail. Unload the goods. Pay 1.000 DM to the railway. If you don t have any goods loaded discad without effect.


Go immediately to the next town in the opposite direction of your current route without rolling the die.


Go directy to your next destination and unload.

Gute Routenplanung

Move to the next free town without rolling the die.


Pay 500 DM


Earn 500 DM

Vorbildliche Wartung

Move up to 4 extraspaces


Miss your next turn

Sonderauftrag (2 cards)


Drive to Flensburg during one of your next trips, earn 2.000 DM


Drive to Wien during one of your next trips, earn 2.000 If you didn t visit the mentioned town when the game ends, pay 1.000 DM


Move all trucks including your own 3 spaces in any direction

Hife, Diebe!

Put the goods loaded back into the storage. You may load them again and deliver then later in the game. Earn 1.000 DM per order you lost.


Drive to Muenchen during one of your next trips. When you arrive there, givethis card to your left neighbor. Then you may roll the die again. Whoever has this card at the end of the game, pays 1.000 DM

Fracht Dumping

Give one of your not yet loaded orders to your right neighbor.


Move up to 3 spaces now or later.


Move immediately to the next eventspace without rolling the die and without drawing a card.


Roll the die again


Miss your next turn


Miss your next turn. Earn 1.000 DM

Schnelle Verladung

Roll the die twice the next time you load goods.

Stau (5 cards)

Stau in Muenchen

Put the Stau sign in Muenchen.

Stau am Frankfurter Kreuz

Put the Stau sign in Frankfurt

Stau am Kasseler Kreuz

Put the Stau sign in Kassel

Stau durch ploetzlichen Nebeleinbruch (due to fog)

put the Stau sign on any space you want.

Stau wegen Schaulustigen bei einem Unfall (due to an accident)

Put the Stau sign on any space you want.

The Stau sign is valid for one complete round. The space it stands on may not be passed until the placings players next turn. If a truck is allready on the space, it may still leave the space in any direction.

Road Runner ruft Teddybaer

You and another player you choose may immedietly move up to three extraspaces.

Freundlicher Kundenservice

You draw an extra order from the ones that were taken out of the game at the beginning.

Ware verdorben

Immediately go back to where you loaded the goods and reload.


Miss your next turn or pay 500 DM

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