Published by Goldsieber Spiele
English Translation by Chris Baylis


To be the first player to score 9 bananas/points.


Place the bananas into the warehouse (the centre of the board).

One player takes George the Gorilla, the other player(s) control the Chimpanzees.

George is placed on a blank space (ie. One without a picture of bananas ).

The Chimpanzees are then placed on other blank spaces.


In a 2 player game one player plays George and the other player controls the Chimps. In a 3 or 4 player game one player controls George and the others work as a team controlling the Chimps.

(Please Note - Movement): The youngest Chimpanzee begins, then George plays, then another Chimp, then George, then the third Chimp, then George again.

Chimpanzee's Turn

On a Chimp players turn they roll the die and move one (any one) of the chimps that many spaces in one direction around the board.

If the Chimp lands on a space showing a picture of a banana or bananas they must either collect the banana chips that are there or place some there from the warehouse. ( ie. If the space is empty add bananas to it according to the number shown on the square. If it already has bananas on it, then pick them up).

If the chimp lands on a space occupied by another chimpanzee the player has another turn with the same chimpanzee.

If the Chimp passes over or lands on a space where another Chimp is in a tree, that chimp may get out of the tree safely. Otherwise chimps have to remain in the trees once chased there by George.

If the chimp lands on a space occupied by George then he "slaps" George, stunning him and causing the Gorilla to miss one turn. Chimps must land exactly on George's space, they may not move past him - exception: George may be passed by Chimps only when he is "stunned".

George's Turn

If George lands on a space with bananas he picks them up. If there are no bananas (only the picture) he does nothing.

If George lands on or passes a space with a Chimpanzee on it, he chases that Chimp up the tree. If he can make it so that all three chimps are in the trees then they have to pay him a banana chip from their hoard to be allowed back down - all three chimps then come down freely. This "reward" must not come from the warehouse unless the chimps have no bananas, then George can decide to take one from the warehouse or from a space. If George is on the space when the Chimp comes down from the tree, George gets another turn.

Winning / End of Game

The game ends when either George or the Chimpanzee team have collected nine (9) or more bananas.

Quick Reference

Chimp player rolls die and moves any chimp. Lands on banana square and places or collects bananas. Or lands on George and stuns him for one turn, chimp has another turn, or lands on Chimp in tree, releases chimp and has another turn..

George player rolls die and moves. Lands on banana square and collects bananas, lands on or passes chimp square and chases chimp in trees.

Chimps may not move if they are in a tree until they have been released by another chimp or paid George his reward (after all 3 Chimps are caught).

The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell