Capone - Short Rules

Object of the Game

To be the first person to earn one million dollars.

How do you Start

Every player takes a family photo and the corresponding game pieces of the same color: 8 large wooden circles (family members); 8 small circles (bodyguards); a black investment marker; and 100 Riesen ($100,000). Before the first game, the labels with the picture's have to be put on the large wooden pieces. The value of each family member is shown on the pieces.

One player controls the bank. The player to the left of the banker deals every player five cards (or four cards if six people are playing). The players take their cards and the game begins. After the cards have been dealt, the players may exchangeany of their cards for new ones. This is done in clockwise order, and may only be done once.


During the first round, cards from legal businesses (white signs) are useless.

The Game Begins

Turns go in clockwise order. The player to the left of the dealer plays a card for an illegal business. This card has a sign in one of four colors: green, yellow, orange, or red. The card is placed in the middle of the board, the player puts his pieces (family members or bodyguards) on the corresponding business, and then it is the next player's turn.


A player plays the card 'Weapon's Shop' (red color). The card shows the value $30,000 - this is the smallest total value of your game pieces that can be placed on that space. The pieces will be placed on one of the two 'Weapon's Shops' which are on the board. The value of every family member is printed on the counter, and each bodyguard is worth $5,000.

Once a player places his gamepieces, in whatever total value he wants, it is the next player's turn. That person plays a card buy putting it on the discard pile, and following the directions on the card. Every player hopes, naturally, that his placed game pieces last throughout the round and are not removed by other players. Once all players have played their last card, the bank pays the players their winnings. The banker adds the value of the pieces on the illegal businesses, and this total is paid to the players from the bank. After being paid, every player picks up thier pieces from the board, and puts them back on his family photo for the next year. Pieces which have gone to the harbor are removed from play for the rest of the game.

Attacking the Other Players

If a player plays a card for an owned business, he can remove other player's pieces off of the corresponding business. After doing this, he must put his pieces on that business which total at least $5,000 more than what the other player had. The family members of the attacked player are removed from the game, and are placed in the harbor. His bodyguards are lost for the remainder of that round, and are placed in the park. Bodyguards may be rehiresd at the end of the year for $5,000 each.

If a player uses a card with a violet sign, he may remove any other player's family member from an illegal business, and place that piece upon the card's corresponding space (barber, restaurant, penthouse).

If a player plays a card with a grey sign, he can affect an opposing family member on a business space corresponding to the instructions on the card.

Investing in Honest Businesses

Money earned can only be invested in legal businesses. For every 100 Riesen ($100,000), that you pay to the bank, you can move your investment marker (on the edge of your family photo) to the next higher space. The first person who moves his marker to the 10 space wins the game.

The Business Cards

There are cards for legal and illegal businesses in the game.

Illegal Businesses

Color   Business            Sign
-----   --------            ----
Green:  Gambling            Casino 
        Fixed Betting       Betting Office
Yellow: Loan Shark          Credit Institute 
        Fence               Pawnshop 
        Bootlegger          Nightclub
Orange: Counterfitting      Printing Office
        Bank Robbing        Bank
        Industrial Sabotage Fabric
Red:    Weapon Smuggling    Weapon Shop

Legal Businesses

White signs on the cards and the gameboard for the following businesses:

A player who plays a card of a legal business must place a bodyguard on this business. The bank then pays the player an ammount that corresponds to the number of legal businesses he owns (found in a table in the rulebook).


If the laundromat card is played and if the palyer had his investment marker on the 7 space, then he immediately recieves 50 Riesen ($50,000).

The Action Cards

Restaurant, Penthouse, and Barber
When one of these cards is played, you take an opponent's family member from an illegal business space and place them on the spot corresponding to this card for the entire round (game year).

With this card, a person sends one family member of an opponent to jail for three rounds. Getting out of jail is always possible by paying the family member's value to the bank.

An Offer That One Cannot Refuse
With these 2 cards, all of an opponent's pieces are removed from an illegal business. Bodyguards can be rehired at the end of the game year.

Taking Over
Choose an illegal business of an opponent, and remove his pieces.

The Business
You now place the same value of your pieces on the vacated business.

Protection Money
You take protection money from another player. If the player has legal businesses, he has to pay you as much money as shown on the respective table.

Game Year / Business Year

After a business year (4 or 5 rounds) the player to the left of the old dealer deals everyone a new hand (5 cards or 4 if six people are playing), and a new business year begins. After all players have their cards, they may again turn in as many as they want in turn order. This giving back the cards is only possible directly after being dealt the cards.

If there are only 3 people playing, remove one card of each illegal business before dealing the cards.

The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell