Chessling - A New Board Game

Game by How-Hie Ling.


Use the same board and pieces as for International Chess (also known as English Chess or Western Chess).

Start with an empty board.

One side starts first on any square, after which play continues in turn. A player cannot pass his turn.

A legal move consists of one of the following:

The side who first captures all the opponent's pieces wins the game. If neither side can capture all the other side's pieces, and both sides agree to a draw then it is a draw.

Other possible variations: The size of the board, the number or types of pieces can be different from the International Chess set. To play handicap games, players can take unequal number of pieces or can start with initial placement of pieces such as pawns.

Copyright (C) How Hie LING 1994


Playing on a bigger size board will, in general, lead to a more interesting game.

Some of the strategies and tactics for this game are: "play inside", "play outside", "direction of play", "inducing", "preparation", "retain initiative", "lose initiative", "speedy development", "slow development", "wait and see", "global", "local", "area of influence", "linking", "thickness", "light", "heavy", "enciclement", "breaking out of encirclement", "exchange", "sacrifice".

Game rules by How-Hie Ling
August 9, 1994

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