Koon Kan

Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 19:06:27 -0500
From: shelton Burton (bluv12@wizard.net)

Im trying to find the rules to a card game called Koon Kan. Do you have any info?

Date: Sat, 08 Feb 1997 13:51:04 -0500
From: David Kuznick (dkuznick@world.std.com)
Subject: Re: Coon Can

Paraphrased from Parlett's _A Dictionary of Card Games_


An proto-rummy game for 2 players.

Deck is 40 cards: A234567JQK

Each receives 10 cards, rest stacked face down.

Object is to be 1st to go out by melding 11 cards, including the last one drawn.

Meld = 3+ matched cards (same rank) or 3-8 cards in sequence.

Since you there are only 10 cards in a suit, and you have to meld 11 to go out, the longest sequence is 8, because the other 3 cards have to be a different meld.

A23 is valid as is 67J, but not QKA.

Non-dealer starts by turning up top down card. Can't pick it up; must meld immediately (with at least 2 cards from hand) or pass. If he melds, must also make a discard face up. If he passes, Dealer has same choice (meld with it or pass [in this case turning the card face down]).

Play continues in this way. Whoever turns up a card must either meld it, add it to an existing meld, or pass. If both pass, second player turns it down and turns up new card.

In melding, you can use cards from other melds, as long as all melds remain legal (i.e. you can take a 6 from a meld of 4 6's to make a sequence of 456, but you couldn't take it from a meld of only 3 6's). After melding, your discard is available to the other player, who may either meld it, or turn it down and turn up a new card.

Game end when one player melds both the face up card, and all remaining cards in hand (either by making a new meld or adding to existing or both).

If a player refuses to take a card that can be legally melded to existing melds, opponent can demand he do so. In this way a person can be forced into a situation they can't get out of - one of the main startegies of the game.

If neither has gone out when the last available card has been declined, the game is a draw.

David Kuznick

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