If you have to choose just one games book, track down The Games Treasury by Mohr.

If you want to know all there is to know about dominoes, track down the books by Armanino and Müller.

AuthorDateBook NamePublisherISBNDescription
Armanino, Dominic C.1959Dominoes: Five-Up and Other Games Including Official Rules and Odds David McKay Company, Inc., New York, NY? An in depth look at Five-Up and the dominoes craze of the late Fifties and early Sixties.
Bell, R.C.1979Board and Table Games from Many Civilizations (Revised Edition) Dover Publications, Inc., New York, NY0-486-23855-5 A very good history and several oriental and occidental games. More famous for the obscurity of the information presented than for clarity or completeness (sound familiar?).
Berndt, Frederick1975The Domino Book Bantam Books0-84-07601-4 Recommended by Micheal Keller
Diagram Group1992Family Fun & Games Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., New York, NY0-8069-8776-6 Very clear, concise, and complete rules with copious illustrations for many occidental games.
Grady, Gary M. and Goldberg, Suzanne1995Rules of the Game: Dominoes Gamescape Publications, San Francisco, CA1-887594-01-9 Chatty, complete description of the history and play of a small number of domino games.
Leeflang, K.W.H.1975Domino Games and Domino Puzzles St. Martin's? Recommended by Micheal Keller. (translation of Dominospelen en Dominopuzzels, 1972 [Dutch])
Mohr, Merilyn Simonds1993The Games Treasury Chapters Publishing, Ltd., Shelburne, Vermont 05482, USA1-881527-24-7
I love this book! It provides good introductory explanations for many families of games - including, of course, dominoes.
Müller, Reiner F.1995Dominoes: Basic Rules & Variations Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., New York, NY0-8069-3880-3 Translated from the German. Large compendium of many domino games in a terse but clear style. This book contains many games not found in any other source I located. Some must have been invented by Mr. Müller but are not marked as such.
Wood, Clement and Goddard, Gloria1940The Complete Book of Games Doubleday and Co., Inc., New York, NY? Terse, basic descriptions of a few occidental games.

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