Geheime Mission
(Secret Mission)

Designed by Gerhard Kodys
Translated by Anon
Distributed from The Rules Bank by Mike Siggins



The secret services are constantly on the lookout for secret documents. As head of a secret service, you must try to collect the largest number of secret documents - kept of course in black suitcases - and get them to your embassy.

Each agent has his own characteristics, shown by their call numbers. Not every agent can be an 009, however...


Lay out the board between the two players', place the suitcase chips, backdoor chips and the counter-intelligence officer in an easily accessible position.

Shuffle the Agent cards thoroughly, and deal each player 5 cards. Place the remaining cards face down in a pile next to the board.

Caption: Embassy - City Centre - Embassy

Sequence of Play

Players decide who starts. The starting player plays one of his agent cards on the middle field of the board - the city centre. During the game 3 piles will be created in the three areas on the board - the city centre and the two embassies.

The starting player plays a card in the city centre, states the value of the card, and draws another card from the pile to bring the number of cards in his hand back up to 5. The middle (blue) value on the card is the one used for the city centre: this is the measurement of the agent's capability to find secret information.

The red value is the attack value - the art of stealing a suitcase from your opponent. The green value is the defensive value of the agent the ability of an agent to repel attack.

The other player now plays a card on top of his opponent's. This action produces one of the following situations.

  1. The card has a higher inner city value. The player takes the suitcase and attempts to get it to his embassy.

  2. The card has a lower value. The player cannot take the suitcase. The other player now attempts to get the suitcase to his embassy.

  3. Both cards are of the same value. The first player must play another card onto the sam e field. His opponent then plays another card, and so on.

The winner of the city centre duel now tries to get the suitcase back to his embassy. To do this, the player plays a card on his own embassy field, states the value of the card and takes another card from the pile to bring his cards back up to 5.

Players may only use the green (defensive) value in their own embassy.

The other player now launches an attack, using the red (attacking) value shown on the card he now places in his opponent's embassy.

Again, the following things can happen:

  1. The defensive value is higher than the attacking value. The player who has the suitcase keeps it and now tries to get into the embassy through a back door.

  2. The defensive value is lower than the attacking value. The attacking agent snatches the suitcase and flees back into the city centre from where he can attempt to move out of the city centre next move.

  3. Both cards are of the same value. The first player must play another card onto the same field and his opponent must play another card in reply to this new card.

Should the result of this round be that a player must now try to get the suitcase to his embassy through a back door, that player secretly chooses one of the 3 back door chips - which colour shows which door the agent will use to get into the embassy.

The other player now places the counter-intelligence officer next to one of the 3 doors into the embassy. The door chosen by the player trying to get into the embassy is then revealed, with one of the following results:

  1. The player whose agent has the suitcase has chosen a different door to the one chosen by the counter-intelligence officer. The agent is in the embassy. The player receives the suitcase and starts another round by placing a new card in the city centre.

  2. The Counter-intelligence officer has chosen the right door. The secret documents are lost. The defending player starts a new round in the city centre.

Game End

The game ends the moment the last card is taken from the pile - it is night time, and even secret agents need to relax. The player with the most black suitcase chips is the winner.

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