Hallo Dachs (Hello Badger)

Published by Goldsieber Spiele
English Translation by Chris Baylis


To be the first player with the correct number of points, according to the number of players involved.


Place the yellow chips badger-face down (number up) on the forest glade spaces (yellow circles) on the board. Place the square "food" cards face down and give them a good shuffle, then place them on the table around the edge of the board. Each player selects a dobber and, with the youngest player beginning, places it on any of the yellow chips marked with a "one" ( 1 ). Players always start from separate locations. In turn each player then secretly looks at one of the square cards - each player looking at a different card than his neighbour. This "food" should be remembered.


The youngest player begins. They may attempt to "score" the "1" they are currently sitting on or they may move one space to an adjoining forest glade and attempt to "score" the number that is there. The way they do this is to match one square card with one die roll - roll the die and look on the board at the "food" associated with that number - then select a square card, turn it face up, and if it matches the food of the die roll they are successful. The die is rolled the number of times according to the number on the yellow chip, so to score a 4 chip you would have to roll the die and match the food to the number four times. Remember that the food cards stay face up after each die roll until the player's turn ends, then they are replaced face down before the next player takes their turn.

If any of the selections (of square food cards) is unsuccessful the player's turn ends immediately.

If any of the cards turns out to be a "garbage pile" the player's turn ends, they do not gain the badger chip, and they also lose one point if they have already scored - if they have not already scored this penalty is not held over.

Badger Chips

Each Badger chip has a number on the back and a badger face on the front. Above the badger face are a number of red dots, these are the scoring points that must add up to the predetermined total for the game to be won. The numbers on the back have nothing to do with the scoring.

Forest Glades

Players may only ever move one glade at a time, even if it is empty. More than one player may occupy a space (except at the beginning of the game) and movement must be along forest paths.

Scoring & Winning

The number of red dots on a badger chip are the scoring points. You only score the points if you successfully "win" the badger chip by finding the correct number of food cards.

If a player has found garbage and lost a point it is one of these red dots/points, not the entire chip that is lost. Points may be reclaimed by missing one turn per point.

Quick Run Through A Turn

Stay and play or move one space - if the space you move on to has a chip you may play, otherwise your turn ends.

Roll the die, check the number against the food and try to discover that food by upturning a face down card.

If successful, leave card face up and roll die again (if necessary - depending on the number on the badger chip). Continue with this procedure until you have been successful as many times as the number on the chip, or you have failed once, in which case your turn ends and the cards are returned to their face down positions. Cards may never be shuffled around the edge. If you are completely successful you win the badger chip and score points according to the number of it's red dots. Your turn then ends.

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