Hase & Igel Cards

Game by David Parlett.
Published by Ravensburger.
Copyright 1995, Ravensburger.

Du musst eimal Aussetzen: Miss your next turn.

Friss sofort einen Salat (Eat a lettuce immediately): Behave as if you just arrived at a lattuce-space. Discard a lattuce-card during your next turn and recieve carrots according to your position. Move further on the turn after you discarded the lattuce. If you don't have a lattuce left to dicard, you just miss a turn.

Ziehe sofort zurueck/vorwaerts zum naechsten Karottenfeld (Move back/up to the next carrot space): Move back/up to the next carrot space at no cost. If the next carrot space is allready occupied, this card has no effect.

Ziehe gleich noch einmal: Move again immediately.

Dein letzter Zug kostet nichts: Your last move was free. You get back the carrots you paid.

Du darfst 10 Karotten nehmen oder abgeben: You may either take or discard 10 carrots or do nothing. Proceed as normal on your next turn.

Du musst sofort um eine Position zurueckfallen (Fall back (at least) one position immediately): Move your playing piece to the next possible space behind the next piece behind you (without receiving carrots). If it is a lattuce-space and you don't have a lattuce to eat, go back one more space (because you are not allowed to step on a Lattuce without eating one). If there is no space between the two next playing pieces behind you(or just a Lattuce), you may have to fall back more than one position. If the player who drew the card is allready last, this card has no effect.

Ruecke sofort um eine Position vor (move up one position immediately): As Fall back.... but move one space in front of the next playing piece. If you could pass the finish line with this card, you may only do so, if you can fulfill the requirements to do so (not more than 10 carrots left if you are finishing first, not more than 20 left if you are 2nd and so on). If you are allready first this card has no effect.

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