Hollywood for Sale
Basic Rules

Translated by Joe Huber.

(These are not a strict translation of the rules, but a non-German speaker's go at the Kurzspielregel card. I have tried to find clarifications in the main rules where necessary, and am now at least confident of my mistakes.)

To start:

Each player receives $2,000,000.

Remove the Ende card, and shuffle the remainder of the deck (the Kurzspielregel card should also be removed). Deal three cards per player into a pile, and set this pile aside. Now shuffle the Ende card in with the remaining cards, and put the cards initially set aside on top. One player is chosen to start the game.


Each turn the current player looks at the top card from the deck, and then places the first bid. Going clockwise, each player may either bid or pass. Once a player has passed, they may not re-enter the bidding. The last player to bid pays the bank. The winning player then turns the card up in front of them; if the card has a positive value (4-12), then the player is paid the amount shown on the card.

If the card is a 0, 4, or 5 and is sold for more than $300,000, the auctioneer has committed "The Great Bluff", and receives $100,000 from the bank.

The player to the left of the current auctioneer runs the next auction.

Special Cards:

Flop (0) cards have no value.

Otto cards (with a 2X in the upper right corner) double the value of one other card of their same color. The card which they double need not be chosen until the end of the game.

End of game:

The game ends immediately when the auctioneer draws the Ende card.


Each card scores the value in the upper right hand corner. If paired with an Otto card, the value is doubled. Money has no value at the end of the game.

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