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König & Intrigant (KI) is a variant of El Grande (EG), only playable together with the game EG. These rules supersede the EG rules where appropriate.


The Might and Action Cards of EG will be replaced with the KI cards. This means, all EG-rules concerning Might and Action Cards will be replaced be these rules.

This set of cards contains:

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At the beginning each player gets the 18 Action Cards of his colour. Because only 13 of these cards are used for play, each player secretly puts 5 cards aside. These will not be used. The Caballero cards will be chosen according to the overview card. The King and the Intrigant Cards are placed next to the board.

Additionally to the normal EG setup, each player places 1 Caballero from the province into a region of their choice by using the confidential disk.

The Cards


(see picture on page 2)

The value determines the sequence of play (ie. 130 in this case).

The maximum number of Caballeros the player can bring from the Provinces to the player's Court.

The Special Action that is performed when this card is played.

Caballero Card

(see picture on page 2)

This is the maximum number of Caballeros a player can bring from their court to Spain (D.A. I assume into a region adjacent to the King's)..

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The Turn

Each of the 9 turns consists of the following phases which must be followed in this order:

Move the Turn Marker

Each Player Plays an Action Card

No cards with the same value may be played. In turn 1 the youngest player starts. From turn 2 on the player who started last in the previous turn decides who starts this turn.

Distribution of King, Caballeros and Intrigue Cards

The player with the highest played Action Card takes the King Card and the highest Caballero card. The second highest Action Card takes the second highest Caballero card, etc. The player with the lowest value Action Card takes the lowest value Caballero Card and the Intrigue Card.

Each Player Takes His Turn

Starting with the player holding the King Card, then the player with the next highest Caballero Card, etc. each player takes his turn. These actions can be taken in any sequence:

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The player with the highest Action Card becomes the king. He may not use the Special Action of his Action card, but he must use the King's Action, instead.

The player with the lowest Action Card becomes the villain (intrigant). He may not use the Special Action of his card, but he must use the Intrigant's Action, instead.

All other players must perform their Special Actions. Exception: On the cards that say 'Sie durfen' (You are allowed) or 'Sie konnen' (You may) you are not obliged to do the listed Special Action.

All players, even the king and intrigant, get as many caballeros from the provinces as depicted on their Action Cards.

All played Action Cards are removed from the game after the turn is over.

The Caballero, King and Intrigant cards are placed next to the board for next turn.

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Rules for 2 or 3 Players

The players with King or Intrigant card may, when it's their turn, choose between the special action on their action card or the King/Intrigant action.

Descriptions of Cards

Only cards that are not identical to cards found in El Grande are included.

10: Because 10 is the lowest card in game, you will automatically become Intrigant.

'Intrigant - It's his fate to be Intrigant'

20: You don't need to place the Caballeros you are allowed to send to Spain in the Region next to the King.

'Place your Caballeros into any regions at your choice'

130: Take the Region cards and secretly choose one of them. At the end of turn 3, 6 and 9 when scoring takes place. The chosen region will count double, and after this it is placed back with the other region cards.

'Secretly choose a region card and place it face down in front of you. At the next scoring phase this card counts double.'

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170: All sorts of agreements are possible, but not obligatory.

'Special Scoring: Discuss with all other players which Region(s) should count.

Then each player secretly choses a region on the confidential disk. All regions chosen more than once will be scored.'

180: Since this is the highest card in game, you will automatically become King.

'It's his wish to become King'

Because there are some questions concerning the EG-rules, we want to clarify:

If a player has lost all Caballeros in a province, he can take them back from the regions to his Court. (EG-rules, page 3, Point 1)

The Victory Point track is to be regarded as a circuit. If the end is reached, you cross the starting space again and keep going.

2 empty cards are added to the game. If you have an idea for an interesting new card, write them on the cards and test them in game. You might send your ideas to us. We will put all the ideas we receive into a raffle and in three months a winner will be drawn, who will get a game collection.


King Card

'You may place the King into any region of your choice'


'Redistribute a region of your choice: One foreign or all of your own Caballeros from one Region'

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