The Last Panther

For 3-8 players, ten years or older (best with 3).


This is a game of tricks, but it is not always a good idea to win all the tricks, since several cards score minus points rather than plus points. In addition, there is a healthy bonus for the player who takes the last trick.


With 3 players first remove all "1" and "2" cards from the pack. With 7 or 8 players remove all the "2"s except for the yellow "2". With 4-6 players the whole pack is used. Shuffle the remaining cards well and deal them out equally to all the players.

Course of Play

First all players simultaneously pass on 3 cards (with 6 or more players 2 cards), face down, to their left hand neighbour. Then, starting with the player to the left of the dealer, the cards are played out in a series of tricks. There are no trumps, players must follow suit if they are able, the highest card in the led suit wins the trick. If two cards of the same value are played in a trick, then the first played wins. The player who won the last trick leads to the next.


Once all the tricks have been taken the points for the round are noted. Points are scored as below.

Play continues, with the player to the left of the last dealer becoming the dealer for the next round, until one player has a score of -200 or lower. The player with the least minus points, (or most plus points), wins the game.

The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell