Linie 1 - Halt Die

Article by Jay at MG (

I spoke with Stefan Dorra when I was at Nurnberg. We were discussing options as to the use of the die in Linie 1 because Mayfair are releasing the game as Streetcar later this summer. We did not like the way the die worked. Stefan suggested that we use his original design and not the one that Goldsieber put into the game. We like it and it will be the way Streetcar plays. His rule is:

"The first player to move moves one space. Each time a player moves after that (the same or a different player), he may move upp to one greater than the previous player moved. A trolley MUST ALWAYS stop at the halts and may move less than the allowed amount, both reducing the next player's move. That is the next player may only move up to one greater than the previous player actually moved, regardless of how far that player was allowed to move"

The strategic possibilities of this rule are quite interesting, I think.

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