Lunar Smite

Designed by Alan R. Moon using ideas culled from many places.

Lunar Smite is a Magic: The Gathering variant based on the Smite variant created by Jonathan Tweet (which introduced the discard to draw two rule). It is played with two identical, specially designed Magic decks. Play consists of a series of normal Magic matches as follows:

1. You play a set of 7 games against each opponent.

2. At the start of a set, you can remove up to 7 cards from your deck. One card can be black, one can be blue, one can be green, one can be red, one can be white, one can be a land, and one can be an artifact or the gold card. These cards are gone for the remainder of the set.

3. At the start of each of your turns, you can remove a card from your hand from the game (this card is then unavailable for the remainder of the set) and draw 2 cards during the Draw Phase instead of just one.


Black (9)

Choking Sands, Dark Ritual, Drain Life, Stupor, Dystopia, Wake Of Vultures, Fetid Horror, Feral Shadow, Kjeldoran Dead

Blue (9)

Counterspell, Dissipate, Boomerang, Betrayal, Thirst, Unstable Mutation, Sage Owl, Bay Falcon, Prodigal Sorcerer

Green (8)

Desert Twister, Roots Of Life, Giant Mantis, Rogue Elephant, Whirling Dervish, Mtenda Lion, Deadly Insect, Llanowar Elves

Red (8)

Stone Rain, Stone Rain, Thunderbolt, Lightning Bolt, Fire Whip, Firebreathing, Talarum Minotaur, Goblin Scouts

White (9)

Disenchant, Disenchant, Pacifism, Empyrial Armor, Spirit Link, Aysen Bureaucrats, Benalish Knight, Noble Elephant, Mega Pegasus

Artifact (3)

Howling Mine, Fountain Of Youth, Mishra's Groundbreaker

Gold (1)

Lim Dul's Vault

Lands (22)

3 Swamp, 3 Island, 3 Forest, 3 Mountains, 3 Plains, 1 Ardarkar Wastes, 1 Brushland, 1 Karplusan Forest, 1 Sulfurous Springs, 1 Underground River, 1 Soldevi Excavations, 1 Strip Mine

The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell