a game for 2-4 players

Author: Roland Corn
Publisher: Franjos
Translation: Roland Corn
Additional Variants: Roland Corn



The first time you play place the hammer label on the black face of one die and place the star on the black face of the other die.


The board consists of a numbered area (five rows) in the center representing the Market into which recycled materials are sold. The two rows of four squares on each of the four sides represent the processing area of each of four Companies. The first row of spaces in a company is the white row, the black cross hatched row is the second row. During the players move Recyclable Materials from the bank through the first and second rows of their Companies and finally into the Market.


Place the Game Board in the center of the table. Each player receives $30 (five 5's and five 1's) in game money and operates the Company in front of the player. Place the Recyclable Materials and the Game money in a convenient location to serve as the bank. .Choose a starting player.


On his/her turn a player rolls both dice. The player chooses the color showing on either die and may do any one of the following moves using Recyclable Material of that color only:

Take one Recyclable Material from the bank and place it on any vacant space in the first row of his/her Company spaces.

Move one Recyclable Material from the first row to a vacant space in the second row of his/her Company. This represents converting the recyclable to a finished marketable product. A Recyclable Material can only be moved straight or diagonally forward to an adjacent space

Move one Recyclable Material from the second row of his/her Company directly to a vacant space in one of the five numbered rows on the Market and collect the amount of money shown on the space. Recyclables of the same color are placed in the direction of the arrows on the market board in the same row. The first Recyclable Material of a color moved to the Market must be placed on the first (lowest number)vacant square space in any row a player chooses.. As the game continues, all Recyclable Materials of that color must only be placed in the next vacant space (in the direction of the arrow) in the same row for the remainder of the game. During play, five rows, one for each type of recyclable, are created.

A player must take a turn if he is able to. The turn then passes to the player on the left.


Rolling doubles - player takes any two moves of the color rolled.

STAR-Wild - represent any color of the roller's choice...may not be used as part of a double.

Hammer - when one dice is an 'Hammer' a recyclable material matching the other die is put up for auction. Players, in secret, put game money of the amount bid in one hand. When all are ready, they reveal the amount bid. The highest bidder pays the amount in his hand to the bank and places the chip on the first row of his/her Company. In case of tie high bids, the player who rolled, or the player closest to the left of that player, wins the tie. A player with no vacant space on the first row of his/her Company may bid. If he/she wins the bid the player pays the bid to the bank but cannot take the chip. A player who rolls an 'Hammer' continues his/her turn by rolling again after the auction is completed.


When either row of a player's Company is more than 1/2 full (3 or 4 chips) at the beginning of his/her turn, the player must pay $5 to the bank as a Storage fee. When both rows have more than two chips the fee is $10. If the player has insufficient funds the player must reduce his/her chips to 2 or less per row by returning excess chips to the game supply.


When a row of one color is filled in the Market, remaining chips of that color have no further value and are removed from the game. All players remove these chips from their Companies and continue the game with the remaining colors. (After this point, a player who rolls only colors that have been removed from play loses his/her turn.) The game ends when all five rows on the Market Board are full. The player with the most money is the winner.


There are five recyclable materials:

Glass white
Paper blue
Metal gold
Cork (Soda bottle cap) green
Plastic red


End the game when four out of the five rows are filled.

The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell