Die Maus im Nacken

Published by Goldsieber Spiele
English Translation by Chris Baylis


The object of the game is to score points by moving your set of elephants around the track and either getting them home or onto the couches that surround the track.


The Elephants start on the Elephant pyramid. The mouse starts at one of the numbered squares on the track, depending on the number of players. No.4 for 4 players, No. 3 for 3 players and No. 2 for 2 players. Each player has 4 elephants of the same colour (base).



In turn you throw the die and move either one of your own elephants (the number thrown) or the mouse (mouse symbol thrown). Elephants move according to the number thrown, the mouse always moves one space when the symbol is thrown, unless it lands on a "turbo" space (picture of running mouse) in which case it moves two spaces next time the mouse symbol is rolled, or when one elephant gets home; in which case it moves two spaces when the symbol is thrown and disregards the "turbo" square.

Elephants left on the pyramid after the mouse has reached (or passed) the start arrow do not move.


A variable number of elephants can occupy a couch and each scores the associated points. The exact number is not required to land on a couch, any excess is lost.

Caught or Overtaken

If the mouse lands on or passes over a square occupied by an elephant or elephants, that elephant or those elephants are removed from play - they do not score.

If the elephant catches up with the mouse (lands on or passes the mouse) it (the elephant) is removed from play.

The Course

Elephants only travel around once. If they stop on a couch they end the race there and will score the associated points. The Mouse will travel around the board until all the elephants are home, safe, or caught.

Game Ends

When there are no elephants left on the track to race, the game ends.


Elephants score points as follows

1st Home 13pts
2nd Home 12pts
3rd Home 11pts
All others that make it home 10pts each

Couches are scored according to the number on them.


The winner is the player whose elephants have scored the most points. Generally this is better played over several races - predetermine the number prior to starting the game.

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