Translation by Lutz Pietschker

Each of the 2 to 4 players gets a pawn and the game chits of the same colour. The pawn is put onto the starting space of that colour (the round ones in the game board corners), the chits are placed on the square spaces near the start space that show their colour and number. Then, the 6 yellow chits are shuffled and placed (numbered side down) on the big black circles in the middle of the board. All but the middle one are then covered with the caps.

The game may begin now: you must try and collect the numbered chits of your own colour and assemble them to the highest number you can. The highest possible number is, obviously, 4321. When you collect your chits, the first must be placed on the one's, the second on the ten's, the third on the hundred's and the last on the thousand's place.

The first player to complete a 4-digit number has won and ends the game. If you play additional rounds, write down the numbers the players have built and total them at game end. Of course, the player that achieved the highest result is the overall winner.

A special case: If you get a numbered chit but don't want to use it right now you may leave it, but to collect it later you must land exactly on that corner space.

You chose a start player and play clockwise. The active player takes one cap of his choice and places it on the one yellow chit that lies free (for the first player, this will be the one in the middle of the board). The chit just freed is placed face up (if not already face-up). The number on it determines how many spaces the player must move with his pawn. Movement is clockwise. If he lands on a yellow space, he may repeat the procedure (place the cap, move). If he does not land on a yellow space, his turn ends and it's the next player's turn.

Obviously, a player who remembers which number is under which cap may plan his moves accordingly. He can, however, never use the same movement number in any two successive moves because the cap must always be placed on the free chit.

If a player manages to land on a yellow space 3 times in succession he may re-shuffle the yellow chits, place them face down and cover them as it was done at game start.

The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell