Game invented by Friedmann Friese and Wolfgang Panning.
Copyright 1994, Friedmann Friese and Wolfgang Panning.
Translated by M. Schloth.

For 3 - 5 players.

Game Contents

The Goal

The goal is to own the most valuable photos by the end of the game. The more compromising photos of a particular celebrity are in circulation, the more photos of that celebrity are worth. Money is tight, so players may have to sell a photo or two to Stink magazine to get more cash to buy more photos.

Game Preparation (5 players)

Game Outline

Whoever has the mediator pawn is the player taking their turn. That player may perform ONE of the following actions:
  1. Sell a photo to the other players (in 4 phases).
  2. Sell a photo to Stink Magazine (STUNK card).

Selling a photo to the other players

Phase 1: The Selection

The player with the mediator pawn selects one of the three photos next to the skandalchronik to be put up for sale. This photo is pushed away from the skandalchronik to distinguish it from the other two photos that are not for sale. The selecting player has taken on the role of the mediator between the press agencies of the players' and an unnamed Paparazzo.

Phase 2: Setting the Sale Price

Now each of the remaining players in turn has the chance to drive up the selling price of the selected photo following these rules:

Phase 3: The Sale

The photo is now sold for the determined price.

Phase 4: The New Photo

The player who bought the photo places a new photo on the market.

Sell a Photo to Stink Magazine

The mediator does not have to sell one of the three photos next to the skandalchronik. Instead the mediator can sell one of photos he or she has already bought to Stink Magazine.

Game End

The game ends when one of the following conditions is fulfilled:

  1. Only one player still has cards in his or her hand.
  2. There are no more photos next to the skandalchronik.

The Reckoning

The players now resell the photos they have bought to the more glamorous magazines and the popular press. The value of each photo is indicated by the location of the photographed celebrity's marker on the skandalchronik. Each player adds up the total for all of the photos lying face up before themselves. Any photo cards still in a player's hand do not count. Everybody takes the final value of their photos in chips.

Bonus for Exclusive Photos

If all face up photos of a celebrity are the property of one player only, then that player is awarded a cash bonus. The bonus is $5,000 per photo. The bonus is void if an unsold photo of the celebrity lies next to the skandalchronik or if a photo of the celebrity has been sold to Stink Magazine (Stunk). Notice: The bonus is paid out with money from the bank.

Any players that owe $5,000 punishments pay them now.

Particulars for the 3 or 4 Player Game

Playing the Game Over Three Rounds

Once players become familiar with the game, they should play three rounds one right after the other. If this is agreed to, then there are four additional rules to be followed:

Start Player
The winner of the previous hand starts the next hand.

Start Money
Each player returns his or her winnings to the bank at the end rounds 1 and 2 and receives again a starting capital of $15,000.

Ruining Careers
At the end of each hand one of the celebrities will have his or her career ruined by the publication of the compromising photos. This celebrity who had the most photos in circulation (their marker is highest on the skandalchronik). If there is a tie for this distinction, then all those tied have had their careers ruined. All face up photos of these celebrities are removed from the game. Each celebrity with a ruined career has his or her marker turned over to note this fact. (NOTE: you'll have to mark one side of each of the celebrity markers before the game. A magic marker or a sticker of some kind will do.). Example: The politician is now an ex-politician.

At the beginning of each new hand the skandalchronik is cleared of celebrity markers. The markers are placed next to the skandalchronik and the remaining photo cards are shuffled.

Note: The probability that the photos of ex-celebrities will be worth much is slight but the probability that a player will own exclusive photos of an ex-celebrity is good.

The Reckoning

At the end of each round, each player's total worth is recorded. The winner is the player with the highest combined total after three rounds.

Variant for the Game In One Round

You don't need to play three rounds to use ex-celebrities. If you like, play one round but make any four celebrities ex-celebrities. Remove 4 photos of each of these four celebrities from the game. You must also turn the markers of these celebrities to their ex-celebrity side.

Optional Rules for Setting the Price of the Photos (Phase 2)

Panning's Variant

The minimum offer still starts at the number of face up photos of the celebrity in question times $1000, but the increase is no longer necessarily just $1000. The next increase must be at least equal to the difference between the last two offers.

Example: The photo selected by the mediator is worth $3,000. Player A must say at least $3000 but says $5000 instead. The difference between the last two offers (the minimum offer is considered to be the first offer) is $2000. Player B would now have to offer at least $7000 or pass. Say that Player B offers $9000 instead. The difference between the last two offers is now $9000 - $5000 or $4000. Player C therefore must offer $13,000 or pass.

Friese's Variant

Use the Offer Card (See the Angebotskarte). Once the minimum offer has been determined, the successive offers must be at least this same amount. In this variant all of the players keep their money out in the open. Players may only make offers which they can afford to pay.

Tactical Hints

  1. Consider always the relationship between the price offered for a photo and its money value expected at the end of the game.

  2. Do not sell to Stink Magazine (Stunk) too early and only if the sale will bring more money than a commission. On the other hand the sale of a quite valuable photo can lead to a very favorable position for the purchase of further pictures.

  3. Sometimes you can win by purchasing the fewest photos, saving your money as the others spend theirs.

  4. When you play a new photo from your hand, consider how the next player will respond.

  5. Never offer a valuable photo if you think the other players will take it too cheaply.
  6. Photos of ex-celebrities appear rarely as a rule. However, they usually will be easier to buy as exclusive photos. This can make for some interesting tactics especially if you play the game over three rounds.

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