Phantasia in Kinderhand

Published by Goldsieber Spiele
English Translation by Chris Baylis


To score points (balloons) by guessing the figures moulded from plasticine by the opponent players.


Lay out the board and put the balloon chips to one side. Each player takes a stick of plasticine. The cards are shuffled and placed face down to form a draw pile from which 2 cards ( 3 in a three player game ) are dealt to each player.


Time (a flexible amount) is allowed so that each player can study their cards and then make two models (3 in a 3 player game ) based on the objects available to them on the cards (ie. They secretly select two of the 8 (3 of 12) pictures shown and mould their plasticine into reasonable facsimiles).

When everyone is ready they all place all of their models on the first cloud.

The youngest player begins and play then follows in a clockwise fashion around the table. The starting player chooses one of the models, not his own, and places it on Cloud 2. He then asks the model-maker ( the player who made the chosen model ) three questions which can be answered "yes" or "no". The model-maker must answer truthfully, but also only to his knowledge. ( eg. If the question "Would I eat it ? is asked when the model is of a hamburger, the answer need not be "yes" as the model-maker may not know if the question asker eats hamburgers ). Once three questions have been asked (there are some clue-questions on the board - in German ) the player may make a guess as to what the model is. If the guess is correct the player is awarded two balloon tokens. If the guess is wrong, the model remains on the cloud. Right or Wrong, it is now the turn of the next player.

Supposing the first player guessed wrong. The second player can now choose a model from Cloud One or the model on Cloud Two. If he chooses a model from the first cloud it is moved to cloud 2 and the question and answer game begins. If they select the model on cloud 2, it is moved to cloud 3 and the Q & A begins. The difference the clouds make is that if a model is on a cloud that shows balloon pictures (ie. Clouds 3, 4, 5 & 6 ) then when it is correctly guessed the model-maker receives that many balloons also.

Note: If a model is not guessed after being taken to Cloud 6 it is removed from the game and no score is made, in fact the model-maker loses a balloon (if he has already scored - the penalty is not carried over if there are no balloons to lose. )


The trick of the game is to make your models fairly difficult but guessable. If they are too easy then they will be guessed on Cloud 2 and you will gain no points, and if they are too difficult then they will reach Cloud 6 and you will gain no points.

Direct questions "is it a... ?" may not be asked during the question game, only as a guess.

Winning / End of Game

The winner is the person with the most balloon chips after the last model leaves the board.

Quick Reference

Players are dealt 2 or 3 cards and a piece of plasticine.

Models (2 or 3) are made and placed on cloud No. 1

First player takes a model, places it on Cloud 2 and then asks the model-maker 3 questions about it.

A guess is then made. If it is correct the model is removed and the guesser takes 2 balloon chips. If it is incorrect the model remains on the Cloud. No-one scores any balloon chips. Whatever the result - right or wrong - it is now the next player's turn.

Play continues until all models are removed from the board.

The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell