A very racy car(d) game

Translated by Just Games Ltd
Distributed from The Rules Bank by Mike Siggins

2-5 players
aged 6-106


A brief description of the game

The object of the game is to gain as many points as possible by the skilful deployment of cards so as to bring other cars to the front of the line


The black starting car is placed on the table with all of the other cars being placed as desired in a line behind it. All cars point in the same direction as the starting car.

Players decide on a dealer who shuffles the cards and deals each player 6 cards which the players keep concealed in their hands. The remaining cards are put in reserve.

The cards The pack contains the following cards:

Sequence of Play

Cards are played to win rounds. Once a round has been played the colour used in the round overtakes the leading car giving the winner of the round victory points,

Playing a Round

The player to the left of the dealer begins by playing one of the pace cards. Play then proceeds clockwise around the table with each player either passing or playing a card.

1 Passing

A player who passes can play no more cards in that round. But the first player to pass goes first in the next round.

2 Playing a card

Any player choosing to lay a card after the first player in the round must play a card of the same colour which is higher in value. Black cards can be played on any colour. As long as a player plays a card he can then take further part in the round by playing additional cards. The round ends either when all players have passed or when a player plays the 130 top speed card.

The player who played the highest card wins the round and carries out an overtaking manoeuvre.


The car furthest to the rear in the colour of the round just played, and all cars behind it, are moved in reverse order to the front of the fine.


Each car which is moved during an overtaking manoeuvre earns the winner of that round one point. A running total of points is kept on the note pad.

Exception: The starting car doesn't score any points if moved but doubles the points of any other cars moved. The starting car can only be moved with other cars: it can never begin an overtaking manoeuvre.

Taking More Cards

At the end of each round after the overtaking manoeuvre has been carried out, beginning with the player who won the round players take cards from the reserve pile to make up the number of cards in their hands to 6. Cards played in the round are placed in a discard pile. Whoever passed first in the previous round goes first in the next round.

Game End

As soon as the pool of reserve cards is empty any player passing must discard one of their cards. Anyone with no cards must pass. The game is over as soon as no player can play a card.


The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

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