Schlangen von Dehli
(The Snakes of Dehli)

Translation/transcription by Chris Mellor/Andy Daglish (

2-4 players age 8 and above.

You are trying to become the best snake-charmer in Dehli. Flute-playing ability is nice but less important than placing as many snakes parts on the board as possible. Points are recorded on the board, and whoever has most points when no more snake parts can be laid is the winner.



Snake tiles are placed face down in the boxlid. Each player hides five tiles face-up behind his shield. Oldest player begins.

The Game

Play proceeds clockwise. On your turn, you choose a snake to augment. Often this will be the longest unfinished snake. You can place as many snake tiles of the appropriate colour onto your snake as you wish. Start spaces for new snakes are distributed about the boardedge and the centre of the board. No tiles can be placed on the snake baskets. Multi-coloured tiles can be placed on any snake. As soon as a player places tiles he replenishes up to five tiles. Instead of placing tiles you can return all your tiles to the face-down stock and draw five new tiles.

Snake Tunnels

Beige coloured "tunnels" on tiles cannot be used to extend snakes though tunnels already on the board can be used as part of a snake's length and to score points.


When a snake is extended all parts of the snake [newly-placed tiles, pre-existing tiles, tunnels, snake ends] each score one point.

Special Points

If a snake has at least five sections and a player ends it by leading it into a basket, or ends it by placing a snake head, he scores 3 additional points. Playing one snake head is the only allowed tile placement of that turn. No other snake can end on a snake head, nor on a start-space/snake tail.

Multi-Coloured Tiles

these can be used to extend any snake. Before a player takes his turn, he can exchange any multi-coloured tile for an appropriately coloured tile in his hand.

End of Game

When all snakes are complete, or no more suitable snake tiles are available, the game is over and the player with the highest score is the winner.

The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell